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I am a Barefoot Trimmer qualified with the UKNHCP. I qualified in 2011. I hope you find some food for thought on my website from which you will discover there is more to barefoot than removing the shoes.

Barefoot Hoofcare is focused on providing you with a high quality service involving not only hoof trimming but also nutritional advice and exercise regimes. As part of my service you can contact me for advice at any time between visits and my aim is to do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Going barefoot successfully is a lot more than just removing the shoes. It involves you taking overall responsibility for your horse's hoofcare. A barefoot horse with the correct environment, nutritional and exercise regimes will appear happier, healthier and more relaxed, and should enjoy a longer working life as there is far less strain and concussion on joints and have much better traction on most surfaces than with a shod horse. You will almost certainly notice an improvement with horses showing signs of arthritic joints. A horse with healthy hooves can walk, trot and canter over even the roughest ground, day after day, mile after mile.

A great advantage to being barefoot is that it acts as an early warning system of possible health problems. Ripples in the hoof wall, stretched whiteline, abscesses and footsore on hard or uneven ground are often signs of dietary issues. Common problems are laminitis, thrush and navicular syndrome.

Click here and you will find a short video showing some of the stony tracks my horse dealt with whilst I was on holiday in the Forest of Dean.

I hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to my website. There's much more to come!

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