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What should I expect from a consultation?

Deciding to ‘’go barefoot’’ will be the start of a life changing and enriching experience for you and your horse. I offer a free consultation before a first visit. This allows me to be able to assess your horse's feet, your environment and your objectives as an owner. I will ask you details about your horse’s diet, exercise and environment and will advise on any changes I feel would be beneficial. It also allows me the opportunity to discuss what I can provide for you and your horse.

Once we have decided to proceed I will take detailed notes on a record sheet and take photographs of your horse and his hooves from all angles, video their natural movement, trim your horse(s)' hooves and take further photographs and video footage. I will then advise you on an action plan to assist in improving the health of your horse(s)' hooves, or the maintenance of the good hooves you already have. I will then make a short video of your horse(s)' feet and movement to include slow motion footage and send to you via email for you to keep track of your horse(s)' progress.

If boots are needed, boots such as the Easyboot Gloves are excellent temporary tools to enable you and your horse to continue riding and moving as much as possible.

I own a “Fit Kit” that we can try for sizing of Easyboot Gloves in order that you can purchase the correct size for your horse. There are also other types of boot which may suit your horse's feet if the Gloves are not suitable.

Read everything you can about barefoot, buy the books and go on the websites. (I can recommend and Speak to people who are already barefoot. Do not be afraid to ask for help. I am always at the end of the telephone or email. Do not panic!!!

We all believe that we are doing the best for our horses but I might find that certain aspects of your horse(s) diet are not best suited to them eg. too much molasses, grass, etc. Please do not take offence if I indicate a change is necessary. It is not a personal criticism of your current regime, merely an attempt to improve your chances of success in being barefoot. I know from personal experience we used to buy "the best" feed for our horses only for me now, as a result of my training, to find they were not suitable. We live and learn!

Keep records of all changes you make with regard to your horse’s diet and medication/wormers and any visits made by the Dentist or Chiropractor as all these details can have a bearing on your horse’s barefoot performance. Also keep records of when he is turned out or stabled, day or night or both and try to recognise a pattern in how that affects your horse’s performance.

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